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In yugioh, what is the benefit of the card "Jar of Greed ... a couple of reasons. It thins the deck as every1 else has said but it has another use, that not many think about. say you have no spell and traps on your side of the field, you then set jar of greed. for a start you opponent could mistake it for a desructive trap (sak armour) so it has the ability to put him off. but more importantly, they may wish to get rid of the threat with say a heavy ... BISHOP - Iruna Online - Google (Well geared) bishops are able to farm for long durations of time without stopping, unlike high wizards who have to stop and mp heal. They also have a higher chance of survival than most other classes due to their skills, such as Faith, which increases maxhp, and resurrection. Iruna Jar of Greed - Iruna-Online

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Iruna Jar of Greed - Iruna-Online

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